Late Storm – 03/29/2011

This latest (surprise) storm really threw a wrench in all kinds of plans. The maintenance company I had been using for the six (6) properties I manage were very understaffed and unprepared, thus my properties (one is a care facility) weren’t serviced in a timely manner. I grabbed the phone book and started calling anybody I could. I had contacted three (3) other companies to ask for assistance but was told they didnt have the resources due to the lateness of the storm and using their equipment for other things. I honestly thought I was going to have to shovel and salt my properties myself. But as luck would have it…. the last number I dialed was Ace Property Maintenance! I told them the difficulties I was experiencing, and despite being quite busy themselves, I had someone out to my properties within a half an hour! Needless to say Ace will never be the last call I make because I have a contract in place with them for my year round maintenance! I am so fortunate!

New House – 03/13/2011

I just bought my first house! It was a foreclosure and the property had not been maintained in over a year. As i was moving in I noticed an Ace Property Maintenance crew at a neighbors house and I went over to talk to them about my lawn and what I could/should do. Rich came over and walked my property with me, gave me some ideas about bringing the yard back to life and didnt even charge me for the time he took to counsel me. Needless to say, I called them and hired them to totally redo my front and back corner lot yard with a sprinking system, water elements and some xeriscaping that is heavenly! I am so glad they were working on my neighbors yard!

– Milt K.

Snow and Ice Rescue – 02/22/2011

I would like to praise this company for the kindness their employees showed an elderly customer who had some ice along side her car in my lot and mentioned it in the store and 2 of their employees went out and put ice melt down and waited 5 min. to shovel the ice and help her to her car. Thanks from this manager.Milt K.

Landscaping – 02/18/2011

I have never written a review before, but after today I thought I would take the time. I just want to thank Rich and Ace Property Maintenance for coming to my rescue when the company that salts and plows are lots failed to show. I called Ace explained my problems, they said no problem and within an hour an Ace Property Maintenance truck was on are property. Thanks Ace, you really saved the day!

– Marie Plathe

Excellent Service – 02/18/2011

I hired Ace Property Maintenance to landscape my yard. The rock wall and steps they put in my front yard turned out really nice. I had a lady building the same house in the neighborhood take a picture so they could copy the wall in their yard. They made it really easy to plan out the bushes and trees as well. I am going to have them put in a water feature this Summer in the back yard. They stand by there work and I have hired them to turn on and off my Sprinklers each year too. I had one tree die and they came out and replaced it.

– Andrew


We have a commercial property in Salt Lake. We were displeased with our previous lawn maintenance crew. This company has made all the difference. They are professional and our property has been looking great. I normally don’t write reviews, but felt they really earned their stars. Highly recommended.