Lawn Mowing

The foundation of a healthy lawn is maintained through proper mowing practices. There are several practices that will help create a well-manicured lawn:

•Mowing the proper length – don’t mow grass shorter than 2.5-3 inches and don’t remove more than 1/3rd of the total length in one cutting. If your grass is longer than 4 inches you’ll need to mow on a high setting first and then wait a couple days to mow again.

•Maintaining your mower – sharp blades make a clean cut, reduce the stress on the plant and help lessen the risk of disease.

•Leave the clippings – removing clippings takes vital nutrients from your lawn’s ecosystem. Contrary to popular belief, clippings are not the main source of thatch buildup.

Properly mowing your lawn will create a stronger plant, healthier root system and more beautiful lawn.